Long Island Medium


Series revolves around Theresa Caputo as she takes clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife, including finding closure with recently departed loved ones and navigating the demands of her retired husband, 21-year-old son and somewhat skeptical 17-year-old daughter.
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S12E6 - Star-Crossed Spir..

Theresa gives readings to Melissa Etheridge, Tituss Burgess, Robert ..

S12E4 - Weight-shaming Vi..

Theresa sees a doctor about ongoing health issues. Victoria is haras..

S12E1 -A Year of Separation

Theresa adjusts as she and Larry get closer to divorce; a skeptic tu..

S11E06 – “Star Crosse..

In this star-studded finale, Theresa gives readings to Melissa Ether..

S10E5 - Southern Fried Sp..

Theresa reads Dorinda Medley of “Real Housewives of New York City..

S10E4 - Theresa Crashes V..

Victoria goes speed dating, but Theresa crashes the event and reads ..

S10E3 - Freezing Theresa

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran gets a reading with Theresa; at a fund..

S10E2 - 50 is the New 35

Theresa turns 50 and enters a weightlifting competition; a woman who..

S10E1 - Reading the Stars

Theresa gives emotional readings to some shocked celebrities, includ..

S9E8 - Is the Gift Real?

At a group reading, Theresa brings closure to a man tortured by his ..

S9E7 - Victoria's Test

Theresa gives a reading to a skeptical father that lost his son; a t..

S9E5 - An MRI for Larry

Actor Guillermo Diaz gets a reading while Theresa is in Los Angeles...

S9E4 - The Biopsy Is Back

Theresa does a group reading for people in law enforcement, and reun..

S9E3 - There's a lump

Theresa's routine mammogram gives rise to some concern. Meanwhile, f..

S9E2 - I now pronounce yo..

Theresa and Larry go to Los Angeles for the wedding of two people wh..

S9E1 - Star Studded Spirit

On this season premiere, Theresa gives readings to some of your favo..


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S8E16 - Block Party!

Theresa helps a skeptic think about becoming a believer by channelin..

S8E15 - Was It My Fault?;..

In the first half of a combined season finale, people who blame them..

S8E14 - Before the Baby

Expectant moms get readings before they give birth, including one wh..


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S8E12 - Parental Blessing

Theresa reads people who are seeking relationship blessings from the..

S8E11 - Theresa Reads Ki..

For the first time, Theresa reads children for an entire episode; Th..

S8E7 - Haunted Houses

Theresa visits and cleanses homes that inhabitants believe are haunt..

S8E6 - I Don't Believe

Spouses and relatives try to change the minds of their non-believer ..

S8E5 - Line of Duty

Theresa reads police officers and firefighters who have lost a loved..

S8E4 - Spirit in Paradise

Larry plans a special surprise to change Theresa's mind about motorc..

S8E3 - Spirit in Paradise

Larry Jr. comes to visit Theresa in Florida, and while they try out ..

S8E2 - Spirit in Paradise

Theresa and Larry are ready to sample life in Florida; while under t..

S8E1 - Celebrity Spirit

In the season premiere, Theresa reads for celebrities, including Jim..

S7E14 - Theresa Loves Mom..

The season finale features a salute to mothers and a group reading w..

S7E13 - Never Before Seen

In this special hour, we take a look at Long Island Medium readings ..

S7E12 - Behind the Scenes..

From Theresa traveling in disguise to backstage mishaps and tensions..

S7E11 - When a Bedroom Do..

With Larry Jr officially moved out, a heartsick Theresa decides to e..

S7E10 - Roller Rink Romance

Theresa and Larry head to the roller rink to relive the 1980s, when ..

S7E9 - Return to Jail

Theresa returns to the facility she visited last year to do a readin..

S7E8 - Coach Theresa

Theresa and Larry's lunch is interrupted by a spirit; helping a woma..

S7E7 - Spirit Roll

The house where Theresa first saw spirit; surprising a firefighter w..

S7E6 - On the Road: Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Theresa & Larry's trip t..

S7E5 - Don't Give Up ..

Larry's trip to the barber gets Theresa thinking about her original ..

S7E4 - Getting the Band B..

Theresa's folk group reunites for the first time in 30 years at a fu..

S7E3 - Back to My Roots

Theresa goes to a genealogist to learn about her family history; a m..

S7E2 - Dog Eat Dog Summer

Larry and Theresa visit the oil company where they met; Theresa read..

S7E1 - 25 and Counting

In the season premiere, Theresa and Larry mark their 25th anniversar..

S6E17 - On the Road: DC

Theresa is surprising unsuspecting viewers with readings in the nati..

S6E16 - On the Road: DC

Theresa is surprising unsuspecting viewers with readings in the nati..

S6E14 - Behind the Read V

Experiences from Theresa's past clients and how readings changed the..

S6E13 - Gone Fishing

In return for getting on board with Theresa's wish for a swimming po..

S6E12 - Never Before Seen

Theresa gives an exclusive look into previously unaired readings.

S6E11 - Never Before Seen

A look at Theresa's readings that were not included in the series.

S6E10 - Family Fundraiser

Theresa joins a fund-raiser for autism awareness by tackling a large..

S6E8 - Caputo Luau

Larry Jr. hosts a barbecue for his friends in his new backyard, but ..

S6E7 - Ugly Truckling

Theresa takes her dad's truck to give it a much-needed makeover. Als..

S6E6 - New DogOld Tricks

The family deals with the loss of their dog, Petey; Theresa objects ..

S6E5 - Put a Ring on It

Larry Jr. is moving in with his girlfriend and Theresa insists they ..

S6E4 - Helmet Head

Larry participates in a charity motorcycle run; a man who blames him..

S6E3 - New DogOld Tricks

Victoria wants a new dog when the family mourns the loss of their be..

S6E2 - OTR: Las Vegas II

In the conclusion of the season premiere, Theresa and her family are..

S6E1 - OTR: Las Vegas I

In the first of a two-part season premiere, the Caputos mix business..

S5E101 - On the Road: New..

Theresa is on the road doing surprise readings in New Orleans.

S5E18 - On the Road: New ..

Theresa is on the road doing surprise readings in New Orleans.

S5E17 - On the Road: New ..

Theresa is on the road doing surprise readings in New Orleans.


Theresa does a charity event at an old New York theater to help it r..

S5E14 - Prayers for Petey

Petey the dog's health declines, forcing the Caputos to make a tough..

S5E13 - Ashes to Art

Theresa and Larry begin to think about their funerals, but Larry's t..

S5E12 - Sage Is the Rage

Theresa burns sage at a housewarming party for her brother, but does..

S5E11 - A Portrait

Theresa and Larry plan to pose for a portrait, but they're not sure ..

S5E8 - Theresa Visits Jail

Theresa's new activities to deal with empty-nest syndrome include ce..

S5E7 - Long Island Medium..

Theresa's new activities to deal with empty-nest syndrome include ce..

S5E6 - Back to School

Theresa goes back to school to take a class in Italian, then tests h..

S5E5 - The Juice is Loose

Always on the hunt to lose a few pounds, Theresa buys a juicer and s..

S5E4 - Surprise Visit

Theresa buys a juicer and bets Larry how much weight she can lose in..

S5E3 - A Change Is A-Comin

Theresa thinks about changing her signature hairdo, so she tries on ..

S5E2 - This Nest Ain't Em..

Larry Jr. gets his first full-time job, but Theresa thinks it makes ..

S5E1 - On the Road: San F..

In San Francisco, Calif.; helping a woman who survived an accident t..

S4E33 - Gluten Free V

Victoria is certain she's allergic to gluten, but Theresa isn't so s..

S4E32 - Behind the Read III

Victoria is certain she's allergic to gluten, but Theresa isn't so s..

S4E30 – Back to Normal

Victoria is certain she's allergic to gluten, but Theresa isn't so s..

S4E27 & 28

Victoria is certain she's allergic to gluten, but Theresa isn't so s..

S4E25& 26 - Gluten Free V

Victoria is certain she's allergic to gluten, but Theresa isn't so s..

S4E23 & 24 - Gluten Free V

Victoria is certain she's allergic to gluten, but Theresa isn't so s..

S4E20 & 21- Gluten Free V

Victoria is certain she's allergic to gluten, but Theresa isn't so s..

S4E19 - Long Island Mediu..

Theresa uses her dad's house for a private reading, but he wonders i..

S4E18 - Shoo Shoo Spirit

Construction's about to begin on the house, so Theresa has to find a..

S4E17 - Construction Zone

A construction project is required on the Caputo house because of a ..

S4E16 - Unseen

Theresa gives viewers an exclusive inside look into readings that ha..

S4E11 - Bouffants and Bingo

After a Bingo game where Theresa once again freaks her dad out, she ..

S4E10 - Spirit on the Slo..

Larry Jr. entices his family to go skiing; Theresa becomes more conc..

S4E8&9 - The Medium Match..

Theresa plays matchmaker when she tries to fix her cousin up with a ..

S4E7 - Louie's Lost

The Caputos are shaken when their dog, Louie, goes missing, but Ther..

S4E6 - Why Me

Theresa finally asks the question of why she was chosen to have this..

S4E4 &5 - Sandy Spirit

After surverying the damage from Hurricane Sandy, Theresa brings com..

S4E2 & 3 - Theresa in Tra..

Theresa has always struggled with her weight and finally decides to ..

S4E1 - Missing My Princess

Theresa's daughter Victoria pays the family a short visit from colle..

S3E14 - Like FatherNot Li..

Theresa goes fishing with her dad, who has never known what to make ..

S3E12 - Never Before Seen

Theresa reveals new footage of people who have made connections with..

S3E11 - FAQ

Theresa discusses her work as a medium and its effect on her family.

S3E10 - Joe Skeptic

Theresa and Larry go on a double date with a friend who is skeptical..

S3E9 - The Family Photo

Theresa's family-photo idea doesn't go over well with the rest of th..

S3E8 - The Graduate

Victoria graduates from high school; a man gets a new outlook on lif..

S3E7 - Beach Bonding

Theresa goes to the beach with her husband, but her abilities make i..

S3E6 - My Keys Now

Theresa's sympathy for Victoria doesn't last long after she gets int..

S3E5 - The Flying Larrys

Larry Jr. goes skydiving, much to his mother's dismay; Theresa deals..

S3E4 - The Princess and H..

Victoria gets ready for her senior prom with her mother's help, but ..

S3E3 - Help Me

Theresa hires a helper when her schedule gets too busy; a young man ..

S3E2 - A Medium Surprise

Larry and the kids wonder if they can plan a surprise party for Ther..

S3E1 - Homecoming

In the Season 3 premiere, Larry Jr. comes home after graduating from..

S2E14 - Spirit and the City

Theresa and the family spend the day in Manhattan when she's booked ..

S2E13 - Uneasy

An appearance on a radio show gives Theresa a shocking test of her s..

S2E11 - Bellies & Babies

A reading at a baby shower gives Theresa second thoughts about the e..

S2E10 - Long Island Romance

Larry underestimates the level of difficulty of making last-minute p..

S2E9 - Wheelin' & Dealin'

Theresa wants Victoria to pull her weight around the house; a woman ..

S2E8 - Just Like Me

A friend claims her son has psychic abilities, so Theresa offers her..

S2E6 - Spirit Al Dente

Theresa takes a cooking class to prove to her family that she knows ..

S2E4 - Poor Petey

Theresa takes her dog to the vet, which turns into more than just a ..

S2E3 - Losing It

Theresa asks her son to help her get in shape at the gym, but the sp..

S2E2 - Drumming and Healing

Theresa hosts a drum circle to ease the stress of her busy schedule,..

S2E1 - Meeting the Parents

In the second-season premiere, Victoria hopes that her mother's abil..

S1E8 - Sailing With Spirits

Theresa does a group reading for passengers aboard a cruise ship. La..

S1E7 - Blessing & A Curse

Theresa helps a woman connect with her deceased father. Meanwhile, T..

S1E6 - Reconnecting

Theresa wants to reconnect with her friends, so she plans a girls' t..

S1E5 - Theresa's Upgrade

Theresa helps a woman who is seeking closure after losing her sister..

S1E4 - This Isn't Working

Theresa helps two men connect with a friend who died suddenly. Meanw..

S1E3 - Spirit Release

Theresa is visited by the spirit of a 6-year-old boy, but she's not ..

S1E2 - Driving Me Nuts

Theresa teaches her 16-year-old daughter how to drive. Later, she re..

S1E1 - No Turning Off

The series opener introduces Theresa Caputo, a real-life psychic med..